Caio Meira

Rookie (06/24/1966 / Goiânia - Brazil)

Biography of Caio Meira

Caio Meira poet

Caio Meira lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Caio Meira's Works:

Meira, Caio. Coisas que o primeiro cachorro na rua pode dizer. Rio de Janeiro, Azougue,2003.
Meira, Caio. Corpo solo. Rio de Janeiro, Sette Letras,1998.
Meira, Caio. No ôco da mão. Rio de Janeiro, UERJ,1993. Updates


there was that time when I imitated a monkey to give the boys their first laughter

there’s a fight for love, there’s a lot of plumb in the water, there’s many notations made at dawn in my green notebook

there’s a guy on a top of soap box giving a speech in a square of london, another one has just said in TV that everything is chemical

everything is a kiss, everything is a good pair of thighs, or intrigues, or forgotten telephone numbers, or a spacecraft orbiting another worlds

or ev

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