Caitlin (a dead poet) no longer living

Rookie (Date of Death Sept 2006)

Biography of Caitlin (a dead poet) no longer living

Caitlin was a highly intelligent and sensitive person.
She was tested through out her life in many ways. At a very young age she witnessed the killing of her sister at the hands of a drunken driver. Being only slightly the elder she took on the unwarranted but crushing burden of guilt at not being able to prevent the younger sibling from running into the path of the automobile. This resulted in a sense of despair, depression and disconnect from family.

At seventeen Caitlin was legally emancipated from the guardianship of her parents at their initiation. This naturally led to an even deeper sense of disconnect and to further episodes of depression, something which would plague Caitlin intermittently throughout her life.

Despite these obstacles Caitlin worked herself through various levels of academia. First having gained a bachelors degree and certification as a medical assistant. Later in life she returned to University and earned dual Masters degrees in Sociology and Theology. Notwithstanding her own difficulties, Caitlin had an intense desire to be of service to other troubled individuals.

Caitlin never wed though she experienced love. She had a deep desire to one day know the joys of marriage and motherhood. She doted on nieces, nephews and the children of fiends.

Caitlin had a keen wit, a wonderful sense of humor and a ready infectious laugh. She had an endearing smile which life often seemed unfairly to endeavor to suppress. It serves as further irony that just as things seemed to be coming together to work for the best, Caitlin was dealt the worst of blows. She was diagnosed with an already advanced and untreatable cancer. Choosing not to seek futile medical intervention, Caitlin set about getting her affairs in order and vowed to make the most of her remaining days on this earth. Death came in less than one year.

Caitlin considered the poems she had written as perhaps her greatest legacy. I have been entrusted with her poetry and it is to that end that I have created this account in her name. I hope you enjoy reading these poems and that you will please leave comments if you are moved by any of them. Caitlin long wished to find a way to share the deepest places of her inner self and her great desire was that these poems might one day be published. If you are an individual or know such an individual who is interested in helping to make that happen, please contact me through the message system on Updates


How I envy them poets and authors
To toss words into the air
And have them fall in perfect order
Why is it so easy to pour out my grief in a poem?
And so difficult to capture joy in print?
Joy exists in a fleeting moment
Grief lasts forever
Takes one to feel grief
Two to feel joy

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