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My life is pretty hard.Hell, i just wrote a whole biography and it didnt let me save it.GOSH! That sucked.(OK, I'll describe myself up here, and down there is my actual short biography from 4 grade to now.Its not so long, but it'll probably bore u since u dont know any of the people Im talking about.)
Im Caitlin Libby and Im 13 years old
Im in Tae Kwon Do and have been for 6 years.Yes, Im a second degree blackbelt.
I like to skateboard, though Ive stopped to control my life for awhile
Im sposed to be in 8th grade, but im in seventh..people always question me
I have a sweet and punky style, but in the inside, im sensitive and shweet
Ive never had a perfect boyfriend, but i'll find Mr.Right soon
I write poems cuz
a) i can express myself
b) it reflects off of my life
c) i like meeting people online
and d) its my life
I like cinderella tinkerbell
I hate clowns and dolls
Well thru my life, I've had bad times, and good times.I moved here to Maryland form Germany about 3 years ago.Its really hard because in Germany, you could hang out with the blacks, asians, nerds, etc.Now here they have 'cliques'. Where asians hang out with asians, gangsters with gangsters, goths with goths.I fell in with the skaters(i am one) , and the wannabe skaters (im not one) .
In 4th grade, wow.Everyone was so evil.There were mean teachers, mean kids, everything.But luckily I had friends.
Kristen, Margaret, Emily, Elizabeth, and Gwynette.WE hung out like everyday.One day I'd hang out with Emily and Margaret, and then the next was Kristen and Gwynette.Our playground was so big.We'd run thru the fields and chase butterflies.(i laugh when I think of this) .
This is also when I met Andrew and Kyle. One day I was sitting out side with my dog when these two kids came up and started talking to me.Kyle was the love of my life, and Andrew was just there.(til awhile later(ill get to that)) .
5th grade.This is where I met my friend Nathan and my friend Nicole.
Nathan became my boyfriend.He moved down here in like the summer after 4th grade.He started lving with this kid named matt until his family could find a house.Matt was my sisters boyfriend. I always wanted to go over to Matt's with my sister so I could see him.
Then about a few months later, I met Nicole.She became my best friend.Everyday we'd hang out and every weekend we'd sleepover eachother's house.But I would always abandon my friends for her.My boyfriend even.We broke up because I was always so mean to him.Though, I met alot of my friends through her.She even introduced me to Andrew and KYle, though I aready knew them.
I'd hang out with them even more than I'd hang out with Nicole.I'd lie to my mom just to hang out with them. We even played truth and dare together, and thats when I got my first kiss from Andrew.I still look back at that.They were also the ones who I looked up to, and the ones who got me to skate.
6th grade got rough.People were calling me posers and making fun of me.My friend Kristen went off to another school, and Elizabeth was just one of my minor friends.I wasn't very popular either.But this was also the year when me and Nicole got ticked off at eachother and backed off for awhile.
But then I met Diana, and Moochy.We'd always talk and hang out.And then Moochy met elizabeth from me.We were sorta like the 3musketeers with an extra person.Then we became popular.Our style stood out.I met new people and got a cute boyfriend.
My boyfriend was Cody.Shy and sorta a wannabe goth.He was really sweet though.But everyone like hated him.Rumors were going around, and they broke my heart.So I broke up with him.
Then awhile later there was this kid named Nick.He was such a bad boy.He got in fights and was suspended from school like 5 times.Not to mention in school detention.But I found out he liked me.I'd been crushing on him since I saw him.He seemed so sweet and innocent.Then he asked me out and I fell in love.It was probably about a month of going out, until we broke up.He was such a flirt.So i got my heartbroken fairly early.
Now this year, in seventh grade.Everything has changed.Cody is now the kid who wants to be mine, Moochy's in al different classes, Diana went to another school, Nick is now my best guy friend, and Elizabeth is still my best friend for life.We got in a fight over the summer, but now we're back in black.
Everyone looks up to me now.I mean sure, I have some high definition haters, but other than that I'm good.I've made all these new friends.Not to mention my other best friends Erica and Lindsey.
Me and Erica are really close and Lindsey's the just like me girl.Not to mention my x boyfriend Dustin, who I'd kill to go back out with.He's in 8th grade, but he's still Mr.Perfect.We ALSO got in this total fight thing where he didnt talk to me for a whole month.But we cool.
Andrew and kyle still talk to me.Actually, about 2 weeks ago, I hung out with them.Kyle told me Andrew liked me, but I dont belive him.Though now I'm a total lover for Andrew.I like him SO much, but he just doesnt care.He's like the biggest flirt.ONe day Ill be with day
Well this is pretty much me.Hard-yes..easy life-no

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I'm so sorry
For the things that I've done
It's just so hard tryin to be the one
We've settled down
Far far down
Made no sound
No hearts pound
Just forgive me
U kno im sorry

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