Caitlyn Williams

Caitlyn Williams Poems

1. Take It 4/11/2013
2. Forgotten 4/15/2013
3. Her Fear 4/15/2013
4. Beautiful Lies 4/23/2013
5. Invisible 5/27/2013
6. Shadowed Past 5/28/2013
7. Scar 6/9/2013
8. Rose's Love 6/9/2013
9. Memories In My Eyes 6/29/2013
10. Perfect 6/6/2013
11. A Raven's Heart 6/6/2013
12. Love Can'T 5/27/2013
13. Tragic Lies 5/19/2013
14. Never Ending Dream 4/16/2013
15. Our Same World 4/14/2013
16. My Foolish Heart 4/12/2013
17. Hero 4/11/2013
18. Forever And Always 4/8/2013
19. Black River 4/5/2013
20. Phantom 4/4/2013
21. Can'T Pretend Anymore 4/10/2013
Best Poem of Caitlyn Williams

Can'T Pretend Anymore

I don't think i can do this anymore. Don't think i can be some other girl. Someone i'm not. It's too difficult to pretend, and it hurts a lot. Like a new hole being punched through my chest. To the point where my heart can never rest. Can't pretend anymore. Acting like everything is ok, is only part one of the play. Telling my friends i'm fine, only makes it easier to lie. Can't pretend anymore. It only leaves me broken and torn. Shatters my life into pieces. Crying tears only increases, the terrible lies that i hide inside. I wish i hadn't made this terrible mistake, because the decision i ...

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Her Fear

She's scared. She's been scared. All for good reason. She doesn't want to be scared, but she has to be. If not, then everything that's happened before may happen again. If it hasn't already. She wants to breathe a sigh of relief from being terrified, but she knows that if she lets her guard down, things that happened in the past, will happen again.

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