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Hi thanks in advance for looking at my poems, please enjoy. if you have any? 's message me. Comments and ratings are important to me. please be as critical as you like. :) i like comments because it lets me know what i can improve on, and what i do well.
here is a little bit about me:
I love music, friends, food, family, and fun, and I love being out in the country. Ever since I was little my passions have been: acting, singing, helping out, and expressing my self. I also have always loved to write, for me and me alone. I mean I can’t write about something if you tell me to, or maybe I can, I just have to want to write about it, I have to care. My poems are in some way related to how I am feeling, what I am doing, or what I am seeing. I am a very... different person. I am not like other people because...I have A.D.H.D and unfortunately for writing purposes I am Dyslexic, (I can’t spell correctly.) People tell me I have a good voice, but as for writing poems it comes like second nature to me. I live a life known to many people. I like to call it 'the mask life' where every thing has to be carefully thought of, before you say, think, or do anything, I feel like you must do every thing just so, or its like your entire world will go wrong, turn up-side down. But my advice to all you who live this shaded life and who want to be FREE! Go out there... GO and LIVE YOUR LIFE! ! ! !
But only if you know what’s good for you.
Now if only I’d listen to my own advice...: P

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