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Hello World!

My name is Caleb, but labels are tricky so I'll give you more than that. I have always enjoyed reading and thinking about life. Please forgive the cliché, but the cosmos are vast and fun to think about. I enjoy my studies, friends, music, and life. When I'm not being a complete nerd, I embrace deep conversation and line my life with silver.

Hopefully you will learn more about me and what I think - two things I believe to be one - from my poems than from this. Rate, comment, enjoy or hate, comment, criticize; but please give me feedback.

And please forgive me for my really negative stuff that I uploaded a while ago. It helped me think through things at the time, but a lot of it was misguided and elementary. Updates

In The Morning...

Hands held tightly-
Joy, Exhilaration-
The music begins to play.
Passions flowing
In his and her veins;
Their bodies begin to sway.
Spinning and spinning-
A dizzy childish intoxication,
But the innocence never does stay.

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