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Rookie (15-05-1993 / Medan)

Biography of callmeFOLLETTO rawr

is an 16 years old girl from Medan, Indonesia. She don't know what the purpose of her life but she LOVES to do something new just like this, write poems: D she's still a teenager and a high school student.
She's just like the ORDINARY girl. She's a cheerful girl even her besties judged her as a CHILDISH girl. and then, her motto is 'maybe I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong..'

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I Need You, Tom..

Hi Tom!
Do you know?
You are always here, on my head
I'm your childhood close friend
We spent our time together when we were being a children
My name is TIKA
Look! we have the same first letter on our nicknames!
I still remembered that we were both very young when I first saw you
Your house is in front of mine

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