Calvin Coolidge

(1872-1933 / Plymouth Notch, Vermont)

Calvin Coolidge Quotes

  • ''We need more of the Office Desk and less of the Show Window in politics. Let men in office substitute the midnight oil for the limelight.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. Have Faith in Massachusetts, ch. 6, Houghton, Mifflin (1919). Campaign speech (September 1916).
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  • ''The man who builds a factory builds a temple, that the man who works there worships there, and to each is due, not scorn and blame, but reverence and praise.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. Have Faith in Massachusetts, ch. 2, Houghton, Mifflin (1919). Remarks to Amherst College Alumni Association, February 4, 1916.
  • ''These things do not happen by chance. There is much less luck in public affairs than some suppose.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. Hewitt H. Howland, Dwight Whitney Morrow, introduction, The Century Company (1930). Commenting on Dwight W. Morrow's political successes.
  • ''Mr. Bok is giving the bird sanctuary as a tract of land at this place. He is dedicating it as a bird sanctuary and putting up these bells to interest the birds in music.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. eds. Howard H. Quint and Robert H. Ferrell, The Talkative President, University of Massachusetts (1964). Press conference (December 11, 1928). President's reply to reporter's inquiry about the Bok Bird Sanctuary.
  • ''I do not choose to run for President in nineteen twenty-eight.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. Press conference release (August 2, 1927). Released on fourth anniversary of Coolidge's becoming president.
  • ''Well, they hired the money, didn't they?''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. Republican politician, president. Comment, 1925. Quoted in The Wit and Wisdom of Calvin Coolidge, ed. John H. McKee (1933). On a proposal to restructure European war debts. In They Never Said It (Paul F. Boller, Jr. and John George, 1989), it is noted that Coolidge's biographer, Claud M. Fuess, failed to find any evidence that Coolidge spoke these words, though his wife observed, "I don't know whether he said it, but it is just what he might have said."
  • ''When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. Widely quoted, possibly spurious; not found in cited sources.
  • ''That's a fine fishworm.''
    Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), U.S. president. William Allen White, A Puritan in Babylon, ch. 33, Macmillan (1938). When asked to say a few words after turning over a spadeful of earth at a ceremonial tree planting.

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