Rookie (25/08/1994 / Pakistan)

Biography of Calypso

Oh I'm kinda... idk really an un-understandable personality: p lol Oh well, I'm 18, intelligent, smart, loving, a bit rude for strangers, gonna join university soon, love having fun and and and I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE singing <3 I'm quite a singer. Poetry.. yea I'd buy that: p I guess that's all for now, I'm in hurry so can't explain more. Cya :) Updates


Tears fallin' from my eyes,
Down they went, sliding off my cheeks.
Oceans of pain with swirls of sorrow,
enclosed in the deep chambers of my heart.
Even if I beg; they won't let go,
my life's not mine, though I know.
I made myself a castle of dreams
they made me shatter it,
and with hate the ruins are now teemed.

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