Camacy Melville

Rookie (8/13/90 / Brooklyn, NY)

Biography of Camacy Melville

I am 17 years old and I love to write poetry I go to ClaraBarton Highschool in Crown Heights, Brooklyn New York.
I write books too but they haven't been published yet. So far i have written 8 poems and my mother says she must get them published.Now since I started using poem hunter I have written more poems in order to widen my profile and to improve my own writing skills. I have 2 younger sisters. I am happy to finally be able to have my poetry published. Updates

What If?

What if there was never slavery?
What if I wasn't a person?
What if I was a boy?
What if I was 7 feet tall?
What if there was no food?
What if I could fly?
What if I were president?
What if I was water?
What if I was dunce?

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