Cameron Gallant

Cameron Gallant Quotes

  • ''Smart people ask stupid questions. Stupid people don't ask any.''
    Cameron Gallant
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  • ''Intention determines the evil doers from the innocent.''
    Cameron Gallant
  • ''If you never act like yourself when you're around others, then who are you?''
    Cameron Gallant
  • ''We never ask for what we want. We only imply what we want in hopes who's listening will guess what we want and then give us what we want.''
    Cameron Gallant
  • ''People have more faith in the Devil than in God.''
    Cameron Gallant
  • ''Rather than trying to be well rounded in everything, think of yourself as a star. You don't want to be perfectly balanced, with every skill equally developed. You want to have several skills that you really enjoy that you can exploit and excel at, like the points of a star.''
    Cameron Gallant
  • ''It's not worth being a resume rather than yourself.''
    Cameron Gallant
  • ''You can never imagine anything you've never seen.''
    Cameron Gallant

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Best Poem of Cameron Gallant

The Dead Man Limerick

There once was a man who was dead
Who could not understand what we said
We wanted to play
But he lay there all day
So we pushed him back under the bed.

(Published in Print in 'DeSSerted Island: Poem Collection' - 2014)

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Dark And Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night,
With the thunder bolts and the light,
And the wind gushing past the house,
The street light flickered, then went out.

It was a dark and stormy night,
With the windows cracking, such a fright,
And branches falling on the ground,
And shadows lurking all around.

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