Camille Kleinm.

Rookie (birth: 19 08 1996 / Munich)

Biography of Camille Kleinm.

I am only 12 years old yet have already thousands of storys, both short and long, on tape which i then only have to transcribe or write when i'm fast enough in tipping! I also always loved writing storys and poems and inventing long hour long stories when going on long walks... they always fascinated the adults too and sometimes when i fergot to record one my mother would go all crazy! i sometimes saw ferrys in trees and would sit for hours under a tree looking at the branches and petalls and seeing the most amazing ferries and flying ferry-butterfly's in it! I would dream and sun myself for hours, and walk telling stories of most indepth kind - as i still do (but this is a biography so i guess it should be 'was') I have, in my opinion, a GREAT love, detective and suspence story which i recorded after moving to the caribean, in the 'lobby' and have been crazed about since. I just need some time to start writing on it and i will then hopefully publish it next year!
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A Childs Wish...

I wish for a doll house,
i wish for a toy mouse,
i wish for some pirates, and for a pirate ship
and i wish for a mighty pirate with only one hip,
i wish for a carrige, and i wish for a car,
i wish for a carrige to take my barbies round far!
i wish for some horses and for some pretty doll kings,
oh, how i wish for some many things!
I wish for a princes and for a Big golden seet,

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