can colyn

Rookie (2nd may 1991 / kampala)

Biography of can colyn

am raised in a beautiful family of six girls and a we are eight in total.been to a couple of schools that is st.kalemba in kayunga, gombe for high school and now makerere university.
am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science.i haven't done alot of literature except in my junior high school so all the poetry and writing i do is self totally in love with photography, playing piano and guitar, traveling, soccer and dancing.

can colyn's Works:

no book published yet but am working on something.
compiling poems and also novels. Updates

This Isn'T Home!

The clock ticks faster as night fall approaches
And extremely slow once it’s dark and cold
It’s that time everyone thinks about one thing, home
The rush is evident as traffic flows by
Lights turn out as people leave offices
And there he stands out on the dark streets
With no one to turn or run to
He keeps wondering each day going by
Whether his lucky or unlucky to be alive

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