Can I Live?

Can I Live? Poems

81. Linger 1/30/2007
82. Knowledge And Understanding 6/1/2007
83. Liquid Happiness 10/15/2007
84. Splinterless 7/3/2008
85. Effortless 7/3/2008
86. A Mother's Lament 9/8/2008
87. Rememories 9/9/2008
88. Emerson Immitation 9/9/2008
89. Jaded 9/23/2008
90. I Am God's Moldy Bread 10/6/2008
91. Poem 6/29/2006
92. Tears Pt.2 8/7/2006
93. Falling And Floating 8/7/2006
94. I Am Silent, Listen 8/8/2006
95. I Hold Them Dear 8/15/2006
96. My(Your) Disease 8/8/2006
97. Thrown Away 8/8/2006
98. You'Ll Never Know Me 8/8/2006
99. Funeral For A Penguin 9/16/2008
100. I Believe You 8/15/2006
101. Wait For Me In My Dreams 8/10/2006
102. I Am Dying 6/28/2006
103. And You Will Never Love Me Back 8/7/2006
104. Thanks, Doc 6/29/2006
105. Fire, Dirt, And Clay 6/29/2006
106. Addiction (English Sonnet) 9/6/2006
107. I Remember (Italian Sonnet) 9/6/2006

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I Remember (Italian Sonnet)

I remember too well about falling.
And in my sleep, I said those words I hate
because all they brought me was pain and rage.
That look made me weak and left me crawling.
I thought “just maybe, ” so I kept stalling;
I recall crying when I heard that name
and I can never go back to that place;
I remember too well about falling.
So shall I cut your wrists and let you float?
on down a river filled with dead bodies;
filled with dead flesh, yet they all scream in pain.
They move about, and climb into our boat.
Throw you in; their hunger that of zombies.
I ...

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Broken flesh
Pale skin
Severed for you
Right to the end
(whispers through my veins)
Stare white in pain
Stark intentions
Raving thoughts
Come break my heart

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