Can I Live?

Can I Live? Poems

81. A Mother's Lament 9/8/2008
82. Rememories 9/9/2008
83. Emerson Immitation 9/9/2008
84. Certainty 8/17/2006
85. Demons? 8/17/2006
86. No One Will Ever Know 8/17/2006
87. Revolution 8/18/2006
88. There's No One 8/18/2006
89. Every Other Day 8/30/2006
90. Jaded 9/23/2008
91. I Am God's Moldy Bread 10/6/2008
92. Poem 6/29/2006
93. Tears Pt.2 8/7/2006
94. Falling And Floating 8/7/2006
95. I Am Silent, Listen 8/8/2006
96. I Hold Them Dear 8/15/2006
97. Funeral For A Penguin 9/16/2008
98. I Believe You 8/15/2006
99. Wait For Me In My Dreams 8/10/2006
100. You'Ll Never Know Me 8/8/2006
101. I Am Dying 6/28/2006
102. Thanks, Doc 6/29/2006
103. Fire, Dirt, And Clay 6/29/2006
104. I Remember (Italian Sonnet) 9/6/2006
105. Addiction (English Sonnet) 9/6/2006
106. [perfection] 8/7/2006
107. And You Will Never Love Me Back 8/7/2006

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And You Will Never Love Me Back

Now that I've heard your reasons
Now that I know your curse
Now that I see your heart
It's so cold and hard like stone
I know that this will be
One of those friendships
Where all through our teenage years
I will stand by loving you
With all my heart
Being your best friend
And always supporting your wish
Never to be more
Always watching you
When you aren't looking
And wondering what it would be like
To be curled up in those arms
I will always love you
Even if you don't love me
I will carry ...

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Lie inside myself for hours
Thinking and watching the sky fly over me.
Nobody knows
Instead of being strong
I secretly want to flee.
Leave this place and stay in my shell;
I'll never leave the one person
For whom I fell.
I'll buy some place