Candace Meek

Rookie (January 8th,1993 / Um, Perry Georgia)

Biography of Candace Meek

Hey my name is Candace Meek. I am a sophmore at Hawkinsville High School. I love sports, Art and of course writting poems. I wouldnt say im a really smart person, but i am very creative.(=
I am not single lol (like it matters) I am totally in love with Zack Ellis.
I hope everyone enjoys readin my poems because i enjoy writting them.
People in my life that are inspirational is my mom, Zack, and my sister.
I've been through alot in my life but im still strong.
Im easy to get along with and im great at advice(:
I lov makin friends too.

If ya wanna know more write me: D

Candace Meek's Works:

Haha none.
Maybe one day.... Updates

Loving You

Loving you is amazing
It's like gettin everything i ever wanted
Your my super hero, my heart, the only person i need.
When im upset, i want you
When im happy, it's because of you
Holding your hand is like its just us in the world.
I could'nt be happier

When you smile i know its true,

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