Candi Lynn

Rookie (August 19,1955 / Pennsylvania)

Biography of Candi Lynn

I have found my passion and mission in life. My passion are dogs and my mission is to do what I can to help them out. I do volunteer work with Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue. I transport the dogs, foster the dogs etc. I help out with other transports in getting dogs to foster care and their forever homes. I also help out with A Tail to Tell with the fostering of dogs from the horrors of puppy mills. The greatest, most fulfilling feeling is when I have helped a dog to find his or her home. I will do whatever I can to help educate people and to get animals and mankind live in peace together and stop the cruelty and abuse. It saddens me that some people are so cruel to animals. This is not what God had intended to be. May God bless all living creatures.

I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. My dogs are an American Cocker Spaniel, White GSD,2 English Springer Spaniels. My youngest ESS was once my foster dog and now is a permanent resident in my home. My 2 cats are sisters from the same litter.

I also have 2 children, a daughter and a son, whom I love dearly. My children mean the world to me, they are the best of God's gifts that were given to me. I truly have been blessed with them. Updates

My Prayer For All

May there come a day when all animals are free to play
And humans are compassionate and take care of God's own
Happy is the day when we all live together and pray
Is this too much to ask for in each little town?

People need caring and all the animals do too
What happened to what all that Jesus stood for
We each need to reassess everything that we do
For peace needs to be at everyone's door

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