Candice Starr

Rookie (march 15 / winnipeg)

Biography of Candice Starr

Candice Starr poet candice.i love writing peotry, i know that i dont have any poems on this site yet, but i will be putting them up. i am a 15 year old foster kid who lives in winnipeg and i do not live with my real parents because my mother is an alcoholic, and so is my dad. and my dad used to be very abusive. and so i live in a foster home. ive been fostered for 13 years so far. But i love making new friends and i love talking about anything. so if you want, just inbox me and start talking (: im a very laid back girl who wont judge. cuz my motto is 'treat others the way you wanna b treated' and i wouldnt want to be judged, so thats why. and i LOVE, im talking about a love-story here, i LOVE cats =^.^= there sooo damn cute especially kittens xD there so adorable, and there my favorite thing in the whole world: D i am also Aboriginal, yennow, Neechie. hahaha yea and imalso very short. only 4 foot 11 inches. its kinda sad. but if you wanna judge me, all im gunna say is to go fuck yourself: 3 so dont fuck around charlie brown! ! ! lmfao well see yah'! ! !

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