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Biography of Candika Niada

My name is Candi (no really it is) . I'm 23 years old, and female. I grew up in a poor household with grandparents who spoiled me. My parents divorced when I was 6. My mother moved us away from Texas to Florida where we had noone but her significant other (I guess my other mother) . I left Florida when I was 17. I came back to Texas. I met my 'high school sweetheart' over the internet and after I graduated, he moved to Texas with me. We were married 2 of the 7 years we were together, then we became just another divorce statistic on a paper somewhere. I have done good the past year (since the divorce) , but in August I had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide. It obviously failed, and I was locked up for a week before they decided I could go home. Since then I'm learning slowly how to live life again, to find some sort of meditation and solace. I'm finding it in my poetry. Updates

Morning Rose

Petals begin to open,
Dew begins to drip,
The sun begins to shine.
A good morning is near.

Flowers fully open now,
Unsheltered from the storm,
Rain drops crash down,
Bruising first one, then another.

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