Candy Kelly Biography

I grew up in the 'hippie' era. In a small Southern California Beach town. I have survived some horrible experiences and grown because of them. I love, I care, I live, I appreciate. I write and paint. I rescued a 2 yr old Calico cat that I named Pinky Pearl: who I believe is the reincarnation of my mom. I have a younger brother who lives nearby and an older brother who passed away at the age of 26 from Melanoma (cancer) . I have more love in me than I know what to do with (sometimes I feel like I'll burst if I don't share it) . I have my loving, parents to thank for who I am. My parents now live in heaven and I know they are happier and things are finally easier for them there.
This and more is why I write. And my hope for you is that you too have someone to love, who loves you, and a life so full of adventure and experiences that make you feel so alive, it makes you dizzy and feels like you'll burst from wanting to share it with others!
Love Candy

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