Captain Cur

Bronze Star - 2,993 Points (Born Late 1600's Date of Death Unknown / England)

Captain Cur Poems

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Best Poem of Captain Cur

Endless Blue! Endless Sea!

Endless blue! Endless sea!
Oh! Fluid pulse of eternity.
Here I set my distant sight
on the full moon's guiding light.

Through the shoals of discontent
and the rainbows spectrum bent
by the crystal water's glare
from sol's rising restive stare;

stalling winds and bruising rains;
lightening sparks on white tipped plains;
fire skies and thunders dread;
quivering sails on slender threads;

my ship waylaid, my soul reborn
on a tidal swell, in the coming storm.
Here I sing this lay to thee,
Endless blue! Endless sea!

I ...

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Captain Cur

My pirate's flag is wars invitation,
of black canine flesh and blanched human bone.
Flown on rags that defy the nations
atop weathered planks I walk alone.

Native bride, you stand adorned before me,
with salt stained cheeks and moonlit eyes.
My vessel's pride is honed by the cruel sea;
her tall masts reach toward brutal skies.

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