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Captain Herbert Poetry Poems

121. Crush Kita 6/3/2015
122. Tan 9/5/2015
123. Tao Lamang (Human Only) 9/6/2015
124. Ti Ar Yu Es Ti 9/10/2015
125. Happy College Students 9/13/2015
126. Shadows Of Unbroken Infinity Of Love 9/25/2015
127. Hagdan Sa Bituin (Ladder Of Dreams) 9/25/2015
128. Trees, Key, Lion 10/4/2015
129. One Glass Of Tears 10/10/2015
130. My Missing Arc 10/13/2015
131. Ghost In My Past 10/31/2015
132. Am I Gay? 11/13/2015
133. The Baby Behind A Manger 12/24/2015
134. Sa Pagkinang Ng Mga Bituin Sa Iyong Palad 1/10/2016
135. English Wrong Grammar 1/11/2016
136. Chemistry, Math, And Physics 1/13/2016
137. X And Y 1/13/2016
138. Internet Is God 1/20/2016
139. Internet Church Mass Fellowship 1/22/2016
140. Inside A Blanket 1/26/2016
141. Tree And Root 2/4/2016
142. Good Morning Class 2/5/2016
143. Saying I Love Is Not Enough 2/6/2016
144. Herbert Guitang (Shadows In Your Mirror) 2/21/2016
145. Inag 3/14/2016
146. Cure 3/16/2016
147. Your Yes, My Greatest Cure 3/17/2016
148. March 20 3/19/2016
149. Y 3/19/2016
150. 25th 3/19/2016
151. Toy Heaven (Laruang Langit) 3/21/2016
152. Perfect Virginity 3/24/2016
153. Virginity Lost 3/26/2016
154. I Do, I Really Do 4/8/2016
155. I'm Falling 4/14/2016
156. Spell I Love You 5/22/2016
157. Last Falsettos 6/13/2016
158. Immaculate Conception 12/8/2015
159. Sa Isang Krayola Lamang (For One Crayon Only) 12/9/2015
160. Pale Season 12/12/2015
Best Poem of Captain Herbert Poetry

Your Love Is Like The Planets In The Universe

I want to be close to you like Mercury to see your full glow
and brightness of your intimacy

I see you like a Venus because of your unsurpassed beauty
and your unfathomable; the abysmal kind of love

You revolve like the Earth that gives a magnetic kind of force
to touch the core and mantle of our hearts

I see your ardent desires like a red Mars to fight as war to cover
and protect me

You give a gigantic precious tenderness and enormously
unselfish affections like a Jupiter

You give me snowball rings like Saturn that gives remembrance all ...

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One Tiny Atom In Love

We pray on the worship place
Listening to the Word, sermon and preaching
We kneel, and standing while talking to your Highest Being
Bowing down, planking or sitting meditating to Supreme Consciousness

We have different names of Messenger
Different names of Followers or Leaders
Different dogmas, teachings and decrees
And we have different names of God, god and goddesses

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