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Captain Herbert Poetry Poems

201. Hooked 4/16/2015
202. Miss Universe 1/26/2015
203. Paglingon Sa'Yo Nanay 5/8/2015
204. First Page 5/24/2015
205. Glad Butterfly 6/4/2015
206. Plastic Face 9/23/2015
207. I Will Read And Rate Your Poem 12/22/2015
208. Huling Letra (My Last Letter) 2/12/2015
209. Gray Tears 9/19/2014
210. Conceited Poet 5/11/2015
211. Submit A New Poem 5/20/2015
212. Hindi Ako Sabaw 6/16/2015
213. Ear In The Nose 8/16/2014
214. Thank You And Goodbye, My Beloved 9/1/2014
215. My Mother's Last Breathe 5/11/2014
216. Inbox(Haiku) 4/28/2014
217. O, Aking Mga Kababayan At Mga Kapatid 11/15/2013
218. Lilim Sa Dilim {my Shadows Of Love In Your Gloomy Life) 4/8/2014
219. Your Touch (Unfinished) 5/1/2014
220. The Masterpiece 4/14/2014
221. Sweet Sticky Bed Dreams 11/30/2013
222. Grass Of Wisdom (Haiku) 4/26/2014
223. Our Silvery Dreams 12/3/2013
224. Tattoo (Haiku) 4/28/2014
225. Facebook (Haiku) 4/22/2014
226. Lips 4/14/2014
227. Seven Seconds Of Everlasting Existence 11/21/2013
228. The Third Eye 4/14/2014
229. One Tiny Atom In Love 5/6/2013
230. Happy Birthday 11/7/2013
231. Just A Friend 11/28/2013
232. Open Hands 9/6/2013
233. Fervid Desire Within 4/22/2013
234. A Place In You 4/20/2014
235. I’m In Love With You 10/30/2013
236. Your Love Is Like The Planets In The Universe 9/11/2013
Best Poem of Captain Herbert Poetry

Your Love Is Like The Planets In The Universe

I want to be close to you like Mercury to see your full glow
and brightness of your intimacy

I see you like a Venus because of your unsurpassed beauty
and your unfathomable; the abysmal kind of love

You revolve like the Earth that gives a magnetic kind of force
to touch the core and mantle of our hearts

I see your ardent desires like a red Mars to fight as war to cover
and protect me

You give a gigantic precious tenderness and enormously
unselfish affections like a Jupiter

You give me snowball rings like Saturn that gives remembrance all ...

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I’m In Love With You

Your Stanzas are like your eyes that melts my heart
Your Lines are like your smile that softens my inner being
Your Themes are like your unique gestures that make me fall with you
You Titles are like your special message that deepens to know you more

VERSE me with your care
ODE me with your embrace
RHYME me with your share
PROSE me with your tender

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