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1. The Girls We Were 4/29/2012
2. The Lies We Believe 4/29/2012
3. Intelligence Is Imperfect 4/29/2012
4. Kiss My Shoes, Mr Bush 4/29/2012
5. Heart On Fire 4/29/2012
6. Ancestors 4/29/2012
7. Pointless Dreaming 4/29/2012
8. The Secrets Of Self 4/29/2012
9. Green Summer 4/29/2012
10. In This Hour 4/29/2012
11. Can I? 4/29/2012
12. To Be A Terrorist 4/29/2012
13. Dinosaur 4/29/2012
14. Love Is...? 4/29/2012
15. The Cost Of Going Green 4/29/2012
16. Moments Like These 4/29/2012
17. Soldiers 4/29/2012
18. Legacy Of Man 4/29/2012
19. War On Terror? 4/29/2012
20. Footsteps 4/29/2012
21. Agnostic Revisited 4/29/2012
22. On The Eve Of War 4/29/2012
23. Poles Apart 4/29/2012
24. Pcp (Political Correctness Pill) 4/29/2012
25. Obama And The Fly 4/29/2012

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Obama And The Fly

Come into my parlour, said Obama to the fly,
lurking on the outside,
and the fly, with five points to every eye, stepped inside,
treading carefully
for as he knows, whilst flies have no fear of irradiation,
they can still be squashed
by a determined hand.

Let me show you American hospitality,
said Obama to the fly
and the fly,
glad to be un-American,
deigned to feed on the happy scraps he was offered
well aware, that in reality,
the whole world was already his own.

Watch my lips, said Obama to the fly,
when both were fed and ...

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Green Summer

Summer flies by and the soft voices cry
for a mist of cool and a clear blue sky
White clouds drift and within their mist
is a safe, still place like a solitary kiss

With the new day's birth on this age old earth,
all the lost loves wail and the sad ones curse
Will they cry no more, will they lie still for,
just a blue sky dawn or a sun drenched floor?

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