Carl A.I.

Rookie (08/11/1980 / Los Angeles, California)

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Carl A.I. poet

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A freethinker, an atheist, a drunk, a comedian, a music lover, a blackjack player, a lover, a fighter, a child, a man, a feminist, a wildfire, not photogenic, a smoker, a reader, a writer, thankful, a broken down midwestern town, a Mates of State fan, strong, proud, free, not in love, semi-tall, semi-skinny, single, a storge style lover, a pool shark, an average student, Buddhist, a seeker of knowledge and truth, a decent cook, a decent friend, and a poet.

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In the fall,
when our posthumous souls
are buried in the ground like tulip bulbs,
will we push our way above the dirt
come spring?
Will God still recognize us?
When our delicate brains are eaten
by thought ending maggots,
is there anything left of our lives?

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