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Born of the eve of American participation in World War
II, the eldest of four children, I was fortunate to grow up during an interesting time in history. By the time I was a teen, I was writing both fiction and poetry and have kept at it, on and off, ever since. I served in the military, our Air Force, and saw duty with NATO in Europe, both in H ...

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Carl Harris is a consistently good writer. His poetry is vast and he has a great way of putting hisself in the place of what he is writing about. His rhythm and design have a good flow and he is one of my personal favorite poets.

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Shashendra Amalshan 16 August 2009

Hello My dear sir! ! ! ! I sort of wrote comments on many of my loving friends here... so it will be unfair for you if i not wrote a one for you... cause you entertained me many times through your passionate pieces..... I remember the first day i visited your page.. I read like 6 poems of your at trot i guess... there are some poets in this site, whose works i really like to read.. i think your one of these poets.. according to my ranking of poets.. u ll be in very high position in this site.. any way who cares about my ranking lol! ! ! ! And when it come to commenting on poems.. you are one of those poets, who honestly say what you feel about things, I mean lets be honest, most people here flatter some one else and expect that person to flatter him in return.. does that really help the writer to develop his skill? ... no i guess.... ... i remember, one day when i wrote a poem out of sheer frustration you said.. it sounded like a rant! ! ! not many people make such honest comments.. Rather than flattery, constructive criticisms can helps a writers i guess.. in most ways more than anything.. you are a great friend indeed sir... so nice to know you Cheers/ best wishes shan

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rago rago 15 June 2009

It is very great to learn. But I cant yet several advises yearn a fruitful result in me. Learning from a father is more gifted.

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Smiley Hooker 04 June 2009

This is the first time going to comment about the writer, not his poems. I admire this versatile and effective poet so much and is serving as an inspiration to me. I'm not really a writer but I promised him to write more as long as he's there to inspire me. keep writing, sir. and thank you so much for the wonderful words and the pleasure you're giving by sharing your poetry.

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Poetic Soul 21 April 2009

Nices poems u got. Very artistic, try to check out my poems on this website Jonthan bradley.

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Carl knows his stuff.. He is a great writer and great person at heart... gives me lots of whooping, when i stray from rules..I appreciate his honesty, as I know in his heart, he wants the best for me..

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