Carl Sandburg

(6 January 1878 – 22 July 1967 / Illinois)

Carl Sandburg Poems

41. Questionnaire 1/27/2014
42. In The Shadow Of The Palace 1/27/2014
43. Tawny 1/27/2014
44. Buckwheat 1/27/2014
45. Portrait 1/27/2014
46. Telegram 1/27/2014
47. Long Guns 1/27/2014
48. Jack London And O. Henry 1/27/2014
49. Humdrum 1/27/2014
50. Joliet 1/27/2014
51. John Ericsson Day Memorial, 1918 1/21/2014
52. Dan 1/27/2014
53. Child Margaret 1/27/2014
54. The Hammer 1/21/2014
55. Man, The Man-Hunter 1/27/2014
56. Sand Scribblings 1/27/2014
57. Crapshooters 1/27/2014
58. Shenandoah 1/27/2014
59. Two Items 1/27/2014
60. Never Born 1/27/2014
61. Remorse 1/27/2014
62. Trinity Place 1/27/2014
63. Potomac River Mist 1/27/2014
64. Put Off The Wedding Five Times And Nobody Comes To It 1/27/2014
65. Jug 1/27/2014
66. Grieg Being Dead 1/27/2014
67. Buffalo Bill 1/27/2014
68. Crabapple Blossoms 1/27/2014
69. Portrait Of A Motor Car 1/27/2014
70. Clean Hands 1/27/2014
71. Helga 1/27/2014
72. The Lawyers Know Too Much 1/27/2014
73. Village In Late Summer 1/27/2014
74. Boy And Father 1/27/2014
75. Out Of White Lips 1/27/2014
76. His Own Face Hidden 1/27/2014
77. Night Movement-New York 1/27/2014
78. Whirls 1/27/2014
79. Broken-Face Gargoyles 1/27/2014
80. Savoir Faire 1/27/2014

Comments about Carl Sandburg

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  • Malkisedik Yahya (9/6/2008 12:01:00 PM)

    i love sandburg's works, especially that use the wor 'moon'..wish me luck b'coz i wanna write my undergraduate thesis about the meaning of sandburg's works that use the word 'moon'...

  • Rosa Jamali (6/1/2008 2:39:00 PM)

    I think postmodern poetry owes Sandburg, as he was the first to describe machinery life, he expanded the range of words in poetry & he tried to add some new concepts, we have to reread Sandburg to go forward...

  • A. Michael Sears (2/13/2006 8:19:00 PM)

    What can I say? Carl Sandburg is truly a master. His ability to celebrate the beauty and greatness in all things common, is unmatched. And since the publication of 'Chicago Poems' in 1916, the voice of modern poetry has never been the same.

Best Poem of Carl Sandburg


The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Read the full of Fog

Silver Nails

A man was crucified. He came to the city a stranger,
was accused, and nailed to a cross. He lingered hanging.
Laughed at the crowd. "The nails are iron," he
said, "You are cheap. In my country when we crucify
we use silver nails. . ." So he went jeering. They
did not understand him at first. Later they talked about
him in changed voices in the saloons, bowling alleys, and
churches. It came over them every man is crucified
only once in his life and the law of humanity dictates

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