Carla J Nelson

Biography of Carla J Nelson

I've been writing poetry all my life. In recent years, my focus has been on herbs and fairies in the garden. In 1993, I began writing and publishing Herb Gatherings, The Newsletter For The Thymes, which was in publication for seven years with subscribers all over the US and in 14 foreign countries. I now maintain a website of fairy and herb delights, including recipes, poems, garden and craft ideas and a charming fairy blog.

Carla J Nelson's Works:

No Thyme To Cook Herbal Gourmet
Polly Potpourri - An 18th Century Quiatenon Companion
Beyond Betwixt Between
Fairy Crafts, Gardens and Teas
Exploring Essiac Updates

Betrayal's Aftermath

Betrayal's Aftermath

The assault comes unexpectedly.
It catches you
Overwhelmed with grief,
You pray for death to release you.

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