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I've had a very difficult life, but throughout it all, I can say I've been richly blessed as well. I started writing at the age of 9, but only have all of my writing since I was 20, and believe me, that is a great deal. I come out of extreme childhood abuse and while going through my healing journey, my beloved husband of 23 yrs was tragically killed in a plane crash. So I am a widow. I became a Christian 31 yrs ago and the Lord is a very important part of my life. Although I love to write poetry, I am actually an article writer and write for a trauma magazine. I also lead a support group for women in emotional pain in my church and have a heart for women in pain. I could not do this if I had not been abused, as my healing journey taught me a great deal, so I can look back and see how blessed I am because of my childhood. I wish it had been different, but it wasn't. Today I am content and at peace and I have forgiven my multiple perpetrators.

I love to hike and am training to do a 49 mile,6 day hike in July of 2012. I have some very good friends whom I am grateful for. I have two wonderful and crazy yellow labs whom I sometimes write humor about, because what else can you write about these wonderful dogs.

My husband and I traveled all over a great deal of the world with backpacks and two books and had great experiences. So I am very grateful for my freedom. I love life and enjoy it as much as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Updates

Inside The Veil

Inside shadows and crevices live memories
Some live inside a veil
Some jump out and capture me in talons
While others scratch the surface reminding me they remain

Lingering, waiting to be uncovered and remembered

Beyond my consciousness they live
Inside my emotions

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