Carla Vicknair

Rookie (02/021993 / New Orleans, Louisiana)

Biography of Carla Vicknair

So, I'm Carla. I hate my name. Call me Jonnie or CJ. I've been writing since I was seven and my writing has changed with my experiences. I write because I can feel it in my blood, It mixes with my marrows.

Come correct or not at all.
Speak with proper grammar.
We can be friends too.: D
Peace, love, and lyrics. (: Updates

Signs To Insanity

Is not insanity to act on the same thing repeatedly expecting different results?
The same words, the same truth.
The ugly, ugly, truth.
Day after day.
I'm expecting you shallow humans to live beyond my expectations,
prove me wrong,
And though every fiber in me hopes for a shot in the dark,
you prove me right every single time.
Someday, somewhere, I'll stand under my rain saturated umbrella,

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