Carli Gibson

Biography of Carli Gibson

I was born an only child and spent a lot of time alone.
I picked up poetry as a way of getting out my emotions in a more positive way. I a recovered Self injurer, I have been clean for almost a year. I was bullied in school and had a hard time making (and keeping) friends. My poems are written from life experiences I've gone through or someone I know has gone through. I enjoy Music (Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,3 Days Grace, Eve 6, to name a few) , Crochet, Painting, Photography and Poetry.. Updates

The Tree's Will

Planted firmly, and sprouting seemingly too fast,
The result was strong and beautiful.
Roots growing through the soil and getting stronger each day
The tree grew taller than all.
Standing tall through the wind and the rain
The storms and the droughts, beholding strength with pain.

One day a storm came, and through the wind, through the rain
The tree fought and came through with scars.

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