Carlos Rodriguez

Biography of Carlos Rodriguez

I was born in Cuba and raised in Florida since the age of eight. I first became interested in poetry when I entered a poetry contest at the age of fourteen and to my extreme surprise my poem was selected as the winner.
My other interests include acting in the theater and in films as well as writing scripts. I love music (Classic Rock, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Classical) and enjoy writing songs. I am also interested in classic American literature and European.

Carlos Rodriguez's Works:

I am getting ready to publish my first book of poems and short stories. Updates

Deep Waters

The nakedness of your body
Warms my soul and sends
My heart on a spinning cycle
Of fury and turmoil.
Your breasts fully exposed
Pressed tight against my chest
I seek to find your hidden treasure
In the warmth arousal of your pleasure.
I wish to enter your sweet and dense forest

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