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Rookie (01-01-1989)

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Carlton Briganza poet

I'm a fan of great poetry and sometimes when I don't find solace in others' works, I take to writing and expressing myself.

I enjoy reading other works and I strongly believe that art is greater than the artist at times. It doesn't matter who happens to write a poem, if its beautiful I call it that way. Over the years many lines have touched me deep within. Whenever I write, whatever I write, I do it as a continued dedication to all my fellow poet friends.

I like mush. I like writing about mushy romantic stuff being a romantic at heart. I don't mind calling myself that, because that's who I am.

Like a line goes here 'Bhavanao ko samjho', it just means that you have to understand the emotions and feelings. I firmly believe that there's more to a poem that what the words convey. So, I like writing simple stuff, stuff that one would normally not need a dictionary to understand.

Kickback, relax and have fun... Worries are best left at the desk.; -)

If you like my poems, leave a lil note, it always feels good to know that you're not the only one who thinks similarly. If you think otherwise and feel my poems are crap, lemme know your views and may you; ll help me expand my own.: -) Updates

A Midnight Affair

Slowly, she inches closer,
He doesnt take an eye off her.
In sweet embrace they lock,
Deep in passionate love.
Her tresses outline his face,
And sweat rolls down his body,
Slowly turning into torrrents,
As the passion grows wilder.
Sparks fly,

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