Carly Almonde

Rookie (1990- / New York)

Biography of Carly Almonde

I am 19 years old. Life is full of unexpected changes. I've learned that to deal with those you must always be true to who you are.

Carly Almonde's Works:

None as of yet but look for me under another name in the future! To be honest Carly Almonde is a cover up name until I feel that I'm old enough to be revealing publically my name..I mean with all those people out there with twisted minds, I don't want to give out my name lest something bad result of it. I hope you all understand my reasoning Updates

Brand New Day

Every day is a brand new day,
new adventures, new problems to be solved,
more heart-ache, and pain.
Even with all of the mistakes we make,
we have one thing that we can always rely on,
He's there when we need him,
and even when we don't.
Praise him praise him,

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