Carly Almonde

Rookie (1990- / New York)

Biography of Carly Almonde

I am 19 years old. Life is full of unexpected changes. I've learned that to deal with those you must always be true to who you are.

Carly Almonde's Works:

None as of yet but look for me under another name in the future! To be honest Carly Almonde is a cover up name until I feel that I'm old enough to be revealing publically my name..I mean with all those people out there with twisted minds, I don't want to give out my name lest something bad result of it. I hope you all understand my reasoning Updates

Days When I Knew Them

I knew them once,
saw them in the hallway.
saw them laugh,
and hug eachother.
She was bubbly,
He was a sweetheart.
But now both are gone.
How can it be that you see a friend one day,
and the next they are gone.

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