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Carol Fleming Klein
I hope your day is beautiful and blessed!
I am an elementary school teacher residing in California. I grew up on the East Coast until I went to college. Over the years I have had a relatively small number of writing experiences, although I have been “writing” since age 4. As an 8 or 9 year old, a classmate and I made a mini book of popular rhymes. In my preteens there was a single “newspaper” issue written by my cousins and I. Our sole subscriber was Grandma. On another occasion we began writing a play, but baseball and sour apple fights in the tree house crowded that out. My brother and I also began writing mysteries populated with family and friends going on for pages, but not reaching conclusion usually. In my teens I began writing poetry, and my senior year of high school, I wrote news stories for the school paper. In college, I began in Journalism, but finally opted for Liberal Arts. I have taught the range from Kindergarten to fourth grade. My writing has consisted mostly of term papers and Christmas letters and numerous journal entries. In the last four years I have sensed a recall to focus on writing. I have written a few sermons and teachings, and short inspirational stories. My greatest desire and aim is to reflect Psalm 45: 1: 'My heart is inditing a good matter; I speak of things which I have made touching the King: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.' If you have the opportunity to visit some of my poems, I welcome comments, reflection and enjoy knowing if something I said struck a chord or blessed you in some way. Also feel free to repost and share my poems with others in your life who might be blessed by a particular poem. Thanks, Carol Updates

My Mask

Oh God look down
I ‘m such a foolish clown
I know you smile.
But hold me for a little while.
I laugh to make the hurt recede.
I joke around to hide my need.
But it's such a wearisome task
To constantly adjust my mask.
And I'm afraid someday “I'll” slide
And show the tears I hold inside.

Spring 1980

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