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Well in short I actually build computers. I enjoy writing my poetic poems as I write from the heart. I write with passion which surges though me like a tidal waves. In my desires in life is to reach across many oceans and lands to reach the human race I love being around people learning new cultures, poems brings inner peace inside which often turmoil at times as we live in a world that is constantly changing before our very eyes. Having three beautiful children that also inspires me. Thank you for your comments from follow poets that I value every word written.I have yet to publish my memoirs.... Updates

Forbidden Love

Forbidden love is someone you see and feel deep inside
You are connected but don't know why?
You feel what they feel, you hear what they hear, you see what they see, you know what they know.
Suddenly your whole body comes alive, you feel your heart pumping faster and faster, breathing becomes difficult at times.
But you know that they are miles away from you,
Both coming out from their comfort zone meeting in a secret place.
That no one knows only yous do as it shall remain this way

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