Carole Cookie Arnold

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Whispers of yesterday now a pulse
Of poetry born from travesty's mingled with joys
I write out of my life's oringal walk devoting myself
couseling free of charge for all sent my way.
They are my heart.

Carole Cookie Arnold

Carole Cookie Arnold's Works:

Eternal Portraits 2005 Anthology
Immortal Verses 2006 Anthology
E-Book Poem hunters
Amature Photographer of 2006 Updates

Sugarcane Princes

Hibiscus flower horns alert sugarlands forest
Fairies tribal melody is announcing in chorus
Crickets rub their wings sending plea of help
As cries of a child whose screams are felt.

Cora crow takes flight following the sound
Hidden at sugarlands edge a child is found
Thicket hides a princess in linen and gold
Toddy troll carries her to fairies abode.

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