Caroline Nichols Churchill

Biography of Caroline Nichols Churchill

Caroline Nichols Churchill (1833–1926) was an American feminist.

Caroline Nichols Churchill was born in Pickering, Ontario, Canada on December 23, 1833 to American parents. She emigrated to the United States to live with her grandmother in 1846. She taught in Minnesota in 1857. Her husband died in 1862, and she moved to California after she contracted tuberculosis. She campaigned against misogynistic state laws there.

In 1879, she founded the first feminist newspaper in Denver called the Colorado Antelope, lately known as the Queen Bee. She supported women's suffrage, and opposed temperence and Catholicism. She later moved in with her sister in Colorado Springs until her death in 1926.

Caroline Nichols Churchill's Works:

Little Sheaves (1874)
Over the Purple Hills, or Sketches from Travel in California (1883)
Active Footsteps (1909)

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