Caroline Verhelst

Rookie (11 mei 1979 / Gent)

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Look At Me

I May Not Be Beautiful, I May Not Be Thin, But If You Want A True Heart...! ! ! ♥ JUST LOOK WITHIN ♥! ! !

I Have My Days...I'm Moody, I Have An Attitude, I'm Prissy, I'm Lazy, I'm Cute, I'm Fun, I'm Awesome...But Most Importantly...! ! ! ♥ I'M ALWAYS ME ♥! ! !

I'm Not Thin...Pretty...Rich Or Talented...I'm Honest...Generous...Loyal And Loving...Pass Me By For What I'm Not...And You'll Miss Out On What I Am...! ! ! ♥...PRETTY AMAZING...♥

Life Is Short_LIVE IT! Love Is Rare_GRAB IT! Anger Is Bad_DUMP It! Fear Is Awful_FACE IT! Memories Are Sweet_CHERISH THEM! And... I'M CUTE ❤ ACCEPT IT ♥

I'm a Little Crazy And a Little Cute, So It Balances Out Nicely, But When You Add a Little Weirdand And a Little Eccentric...! ! ! ♥ THAT EQUALS ME PERFECTLY ♥! ! !

I Am Who I Am...Take It Or Leave It...I'm Not Gonna Apologize For What I Do Or Say...If You Don't Like It You May... DISMISS YOURSELF! ! ! ♥ I PROMISE I WON'T LOSE ANY SLEEP♥! ! !

I Am Who I Am... I Do What I Do... And If You Don't Like It... Then Tough... Ϝ *** You!

If you like me...'PRESS LIKE'...If you love me...'COMMENT'...If you hate me... 'HERE'S A CONDOM, CAUSE I'M THOUGHTFULL AND I WANT YOU TO BE SAFE WHEN YOU... GO Ϝ *** YOURSELF♥! ! !

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Wees maar zeker
ik ben gebroken
in duizenden & één kleine stukken,
de dag kom ik al spartelend door
zodat ik iedere keer opnieuw denk
doorheen deze nacht komen
zal me nu toch wel eens lukken!
Maar dan valt het duister
en voel ik opnieuw in mijn hart

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