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Carolyn Kizer Poems

1. The Great Blue Heron 6/12/2015
2. Ingathering 6/19/2015
3. Where I've Been All My Life 1/14/2016
4. Amusing Our Daughters 1/10/2018
5. The Erotic Philosophers 1/10/2018
6. Fanny 1/10/2018
7. Food of Love 1/10/2018
8. Lines to Accompany Flowers for Eve 1/10/2018
9. October 1973 1/10/2018
10. Pro Femina 1/10/2018
11. Semele Recycled 1/10/2018
12. Summer near the River 1/10/2018
13. Through a Glass Eye, Lightly 1/10/2018
14. What the Bones Know 1/10/2018
15. Afternoon Happiness 1/10/2018
16. Night Sounds 1/10/2018
17. How It Passes 1/10/2018
18. Thrall 1/10/2018
19. Election Day, 1984 1/10/2018
20. A Song For Muriel 1/3/2003
21. Cultural Evolution 1/3/2003
22. On A Line From Valéry (The Gulf War) 1/20/2003
23. Days Of 1986 1/3/2003
24. A Poet's Household 1/3/2003
25. Reunion 1/3/2003
26. The Ungrateful Garden 1/3/2003
27. A Muse Of Water 11/24/2014
28. The Intruder 1/3/2003
29. American Beauty 1/3/2003
30. Parent's Pantoum 1/3/2003
31. Fearful Women 1/3/2003

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Best Poem of Carolyn Kizer

Fearful Women

Arms and the girl I sing - O rare
arms that are braceleted and white and bare

arms that were lovely Helen's, in whose name
Greek slaughtered Trojan. Helen was to blame.

Scape-nanny call her; wars for turf
and profit don't sound glamorous enough.

Mythologize your women! None escape.
Europe was named from an act of bestial rape:

Eponymous girl on bull-back, he intent
on scattering sperm across a continent.

Old Zeus refused to take the rap.
It's not his name in big print on the map.

But let's go back to the beginning
when sinners ...

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Parent's Pantoum

for Maxine Kumin

Where did these enormous children come from,
More ladylike than we have ever been?
Some of ours look older than we feel.
How did they appear in their long dresses

More ladylike than we have ever been?
But they moan about their aging more than we do,

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