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theres not much to tell for most of my life i moved from place to place up and down california. praying that the pieces of my broken family would come back together; watching my mom go through man after pittiful man and even girlfriends. watching after my sister and avoiding conflict with everyone until i enterd jr. high. i finally gave up on my father and realized he dosnt care and i made friends with the best people to destroy me. i drank everyday and smoked everychance i got i didnt care if i hurt my family (or what was left of it) . i just wanted it all to end and for it all to go away. for some reason i was blessed with my jr. high vice principle mr.avery. he should have gotten rid of me expelled me and saved himself a lot of time but for some reason he had faith in me. and instead of punishing me he would talk to me and listen to what i had to say he gave me a chance. i left my jr. high and switched schools to start over gave up the drugs and booze. i made new friends by joinging the Army JROTC Progam at the high school and suddenly i had friends that cared about school, life, and their family. i had an instructor that would not allow me to fail and would not except i cant for an awnser. as one part of my life improved so did the rest of my life. i met a guy named julian who i dated for 2 years we split up many times over those 2 years and i now live with, but am no longer dating. im a compassionate person and i often put others before myself unfortunatly thats how i got here. he needed help i jumped to the rescue and straight off a cliff. my current boyfriend is amazing and im blessed to be with him and know that hes there to catch me if i fall. i will be moving out of my current place in march when the lease expires and back in with my mom who so graciouly agreed to take me back. my life although its been hard i would not change a thing and im graitfull it was only that hard. i know it could have been worse and i could have lost a lot more than what i did.

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when he spoke of a rose
he spoke of me
when he spole of heaven
and hell
and emrald green waves
he spoke of me
the love that he feels
and the pain that
i caused

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