Casey Lee

Rookie (March 21,1989 / Rogers, Arkansas)

Biography of Casey Lee

Well... I was born in a big city. Lots of lights and people and never being alone. I lived in so many houses and moved so much that I never really had a home, just a house. My mother and father tried their best to stay in the same area so we would have the same friends and not have to adjust as much. I grew up with an amazing set of friends and, having moved to a new area further south from my home town, I don't talk to them much. But I love it here. I met my best friends, Kirstyn and Cassie, and my fiance, Derek. They are my inspiration and I love them dearly.

Casey Lee's Works:

Absolutely none! I'm not even working towards that yet, I'm just trying to accumulate enough of my own stuff to make myself happy. Updates


Sometimes... I wish I could end me.
Not necessarily my essence or my aura or my soul or... whatever,
But this pesky physicality that seems to annoy more than glorify.
I want to be air
So that I can rush around the people I love
And fill their lungs over and over
Being all that they need to survive.
I want to make a difference
Without actually being noticed or awarded afterward.

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