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Cassandra Dillon nick named KOKO was born October 6,1971
and raised in Covington, Louisiana knows
all too well about the great storms of life and
she translates her life experiences as well as
others journey's in her spoken word poetry.

Being compared to Dr.Maya Angelou
, Cassandra chooses to speak outspoken
, uncensored and down to earth to relate to
people from all walks of life.

Cassandra has had her experiences with
media outlets and her poem 'Woman' was
featured in the book 'A Celebration of
Poets'. Her poem, 'Forbidden Fruit'
was featured in 'America at the
Millennium(The Best Poems and Poets
of the 20th Century) .' Her book titled
'Reality Poems'Burden Me Not For
Your Eyes Will See This All
Again, has been released through hundreds
of book store outlets.

Cassandra has completed her second book of
spoken word titled 'From Where I'm
Standing', which will be scheduled for
release in 2007. She is also working on
her third book of non-fiction titled 'The
American Colored Girl In Europe'
based on her true life experience as a black
woman residing in Europe. Scheduled to be
released in 2008.

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Cassandra Dillon's Works:

'Reality Poems'Burden Me Not For Your Eyes Will See this All Again.

Upcoming Books: 'From Where I'M Standing', 'The American Colored Girl In Europe'.

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It's either gonna make you strong
Or make you weak
They are not coming to break you
But coming to make you.

From The Book 'Life Experiences' From Where I'M Standing.
By Cassandra 'KoKo' Dillon