Cassandra Kinman

Rookie (April 5,1996 / Kentucky)

Biography of Cassandra Kinman

My name is Cassandra Kinman. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky in April of 1996, even though I've never actually lived there. I currently live in Tenessee, although I've lived in Indiana, Illinois, and Alabama. In all these places I've lived I have had few friends and kept in touch with fewer. So I have about three REALLY close friends. I've always made little poems in my head, but usually I forgot them before I was able to write them down. Since finding this site though I've made a conscious effort to write down my little poems quickly. Subsequently, the poems you are welcome to or are reading. Feel free to leave comments or criticism. Updates


He's waiting for me
To make my move.
It turns out I'm waiting, too.
He's afraid of what I might say.
I'm afraid of what he might not do.
Each of us is afraid
Of a line we've drawn
Between us.
Hoping that the other might jump across
And say, 'I love you'

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