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well, i grew up in foster care and got adopted when i was eight. I love reading poems and pretty much any thing with words, i like to write to but poetry isnt really my strongest point. Im really just on here to read the poems, especially my brothers.He is really good, his name is kyle rainbolt and i think his best poem is 'bullets in my heart'. :)
I'm a HUGE hunger games fan! ! ! So may the odds be ever in your favor! Updates

A Deaf World

Peaple used to say I'd become a nobody.
They said I'd end up goin' to jail or diggin'
holes for stiff and cold bodies but I ignored 'em
if I keep goin' like a rain thats pourin' I might make it.
Give me the chance and I'll take it.

On the other side they say the grass is greaner.
They call me a dreamer, and in time that's exactly what I'll become
if people keep askin' if I'm fine, I, ll keep askin'

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