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I grew up in Texas with a not so great childhood..but my parents did the best they could.Like anyonelse.I endured alot as a child.As I got older..I came out of an emotional mental verbal abbusive 'marriage'as you read I quoted that and always had.I dealt with it for many years and it hurted me emotionally.I had noone to turn to.So I became depressed held everything in.I've lost alot of family memebers this past year..1st my parents..2 of my uncles on each side of my family then my aunt.and my late fiance'..So yeah I was pretty much alone.I deal with it the best ways possible.But sometimes I give up.But the love I have for my children wont allow me to..Thier father landed back in jail for yet more abbuse but not at me this time..Yeah he hit me 1 time on 4th of July of 05..He always told me I was no good to him or will be to his eyes I was just a slob..I cried everynight asking God to take me because I got tired of hurting I had no courage to leave.I was frightended for me and my kids.But God took care of me and helped me out..Im doing good.alot better.And after the tortmented life I had to go through with my family pass away and the abbusive 'marriage' I went through..It taught me the greatest thing of all..and you be amazed how much power the 4 letter word have.L-O-V-E..Thats right has alot of power behind it and true meaning.if u give that a chance and believe in it..Love conquers all.. Updates

Before My Eyes

He comes on softly as he moves across the room before me
I can't resist, I'm hypnotized, I'm surrounded by him
I can't, I can't forget that face, and I will, I will go back to that place He stands before my eyes, right before my eyes
I can see the colours are coming one after another for me
I see the words, I hear the sound, going round in my head
But I know there's something out there, please tell me, is this reality
Right before my eyes, right before my eyes He comes on softly as he mo

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