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Rookie (march 25,1994 / schenectady new york)

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my real nasme is johanna stone. i use the name cassie cause i dont want my family reading this stuff. some of it would make there toes freaking curl and make them send me to a mental hospital. im a 17 yr old mother of twins. and im going back to highschool and then on to a journalism college. my poetry is real and how i feel and what has happened to me. im going through a rough time in my life and its reflected in my poems. my pain my hurt my joy and my fears all wrapped into words. i appricate any critisim.(and yes i know my spelling sucks LOL)

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The pain it kills tears me up inside
Screw almost, hell I just died
You took all of who I am and now I can’t hide
From the pain the agony deep inside
I'm so lost without you and I know you’ll never be by my side
You promised forever and always and that you would never leave
And I was stupid enough to believe
The lie you told me now I want to heave
You left me all alone in the cold

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