Cat Garza

Rookie (4/11/93 / St.Mary's Hospital)

Biography of Cat Garza

My name is Cat and love poetry, fast fair rides, cars(including crappy ones) , greasy food, skateboarding, scary books/movies, and like to know all the details on deadly viruses or diseases. I have brown eyes and top of the shoulder length brown hair. I love ROCK music, some opera and I have a band. Some people say i'm gothic but I do not concider myself niether uncivilized nor barbaric and i do wear colors (sometimes if ihave to.) No offence to real goths.

Cat Garza's Works:

None, But I hope to write and publish a horror novel.
I would also be grateful for ideas. Updates

The Merciless Sea

I am suffocating,
The sea is patiently waiting
For my last struggling breath,
Then there came with great pain
An icy, piercing, stabbing feeling
In my chest,
The beautiful, decieving, merciless sea
Lead me down the path of death.

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