Cat Ginn

Biography of Cat Ginn

I have been an artist ever since I can remember.
Fighting demons from an early age, amazingly, a happy-go-lucky spirit... that is, until...

But you fall down, you pull yourself up, you dust yourself off, and you start all over again...

Bipolar Disorder didn't kill me.
Anorexia didn't kill me.
Molestation, self-mutilation... did not kill me.
And neither will Tourettes.

I am a survivor... I write of survival, love, sex, the body, the heart, the mind... and life goes on.

And in between, if you can share a bit of the madness, along with the spirit... then we have connected... and life is good.

Come with destination in mind... It's all about the Journey.

Cat Ginn's Works:

Published art and poetry in the self-help compilation of, 'You Are Not Alone, Volume II' by Andrea Roe. (A compilation of art, poetry, and music from survivors of eating disorders.)

Cat Fancy Magazine, BP Egypt, News.

Anthology from Poetry Movement Worldwide. Updates

They Know

Topaz shadows undulate their way past
The headboard
To whisper sultry sonnets
Across the sheets
Sheets that have been tossed, turned,
Twisted, tantalizingly torn inside out
And tugged, until they drip fluidly
Onto the rug…
Next to the four poster bed…

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