Catherine Hendry

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Catherine Hendry Poems

1. Just One Day... Am I Asking Too Much? 3/3/2014
2. Who Are You? 3/3/2014
3. Be Strong 3/3/2014
4. Me, Myself And I... 3/3/2014
5. Goodmorning 3/3/2014
6. Safe In Your Arms 3/3/2014
7. What I Want 3/3/2014
8. Comfortable In My Skin 3/3/2014
9. All Or Nothing 3/3/2014
10. Go Away... Leave Me 3/3/2014
11. A Day In My World... 3/3/2014
12. Me... 3/3/2014
13. I Love You Ma'... 3/3/2014
14. Verbal Beatdown 3/3/2014
15. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep 3/6/2014
16. God.. Good And Great 3/3/2014
17. Being The Parent Of An Addict... 3/23/2014
18. Moonshine 3/30/2014
19. Wasted Days... 3/31/2014
20. Because Of You... 3/31/2014
21. Loveless 3/31/2014
22. Love Sick... 3/31/2014
23. What In Hell Were You Thinking? ! 3/31/2014
24. Love Makes Me Sigh... 3/9/2014
25. Almost Perfection... 3/11/2014
26. To Believe Or Not To Believe... 3/11/2014
27. Depth Of Dark... 3/17/2014
28. Don'T Cry When You Get What You What You Ask For 3/18/2014
29. Unsure 3/31/2014
30. Question The Obvious 3/31/2014
31. Realization... 3/31/2014
32. Sweet Love 3/31/2014
33. Lonely In Love 3/31/2014
34. The One... 3/31/2014
35. Kind Words 3/31/2014
36. Happy With Myself 3/31/2014
37. Mr. Paul Nichols Was A True Soldier Of God 3/31/2014
38. Who I Am 4/2/2014
39. Fire Of Day... 4/2/2014
40. Barbara's Poem... 4/2/2014

Comments about Catherine Hendry

  • Catherine Hendry Catherine Hendry (3/3/2014 4:17:00 PM)

    I like to say, God guides my fingers... for one, I HOPE people would be less likely to say anything BAD about my words and 2, I write, without drafting, editing anything. A lot of times I don't know what I've written until I am finished. Of course, I sometimes find I have written A LOT! lol... I also write to different music and beats a lot of times. One never knows what they might get... The finished product, may sometimes leave one astonished... including myself! I just hope SOMEONE... ANYONE can enjoy something I have done...

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Best Poem of Catherine Hendry

Helping Others...

I deal with my issues alone
I CHOOSE to help others FIRST!
More often than not, I suffer in silence...
But I do what I do at my own volition,
Without any expectation,
Without any acknowledgement
I am NOW learning, how little I truly matter...
No matter what, my heart remains open
That little crack has finally broken
I am but ONE and there is only so much I can do...
If I could part seas,
If I could move mountains...
That still wouldn't make a difference
I just wouldn't be enough

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Be Strong

Be strong
Stand tall
Reach for the sky
Grab a star!

Believe in the power
You possess...
It's your faith
Within your heart

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