cathy clough Biography

i am a happy-go-lucky spontaneous highly sarcastic person. my 19 year old son is a very accomplished artist (mommy bragging...never heard of that before, huh?) . i love the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, camping, reading, music, friends, family, new adventures and to constantly try to learn something new each week. my other great love is my 5 year old dog Terra, great girl she is. i am an aries, and of course at least 92% of my behavior proves it. i try to find something to enjoy with each new day. what makes it all the more enjoyable is to share it with the ones i love. jeff, gregg and terra are my family and closest friends which makes me a lucky person. My escape, my relaxation comes from writing. it doesn't have to mean anything else to anyone, it is enough that it means something to me. Yep, that's me wrapped up in a small nut shell. I, like many others, have survived some very personal tragedies but i try to find strength through them, though it is not a feat always accomplished easily. On a completely different note I am a hughe Red Sox go sox.

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